If it weren’t for marriage, there’s little chance I’d be wearing any metal on my body. A wedding ring symbolises something of immeasurable worth, inherently though, it need not be a precious, fragile, and expensive metal. That just isn’t practical for life. If you’re like us, then you’re regularly building a house, fixing your car, playing sport, or gutting a fish. You have that frustration of every single time you throw on your Sunday best attire, they’ll end up with dirt or grease on them.

Don’t over complicate it – a wedding ring needs to look good, be robust, and affordable. We found that it’s tough, if not impossible to tick these boxes at a jeweller. Their cabinets are filled with overpriced and often ridiculous looking rings. We encourage you, if you haven’t already, to go and visit some and see for yourself.

The good news though, is that this provided the inspiration for The Gentleman’s Smith. Created by two mates, both recently married and having experienced the stress, cost and frustration of everything wedding related. This is exactly the service we wish had existed when we were getting married. So we thought – what better idea than to serve fellow man by taking this idea, joining our skills, adding a few beers, and mixing it all together. One year later, we can proudly present you with, The Gentleman’s Smith. We hope you like our idea as much as we do.


One ring, one choice .
For those who have better things to do than jewellery shopping.

We've carefully chosen the perfect width, style, metal and finish to look good on any Gentleman's hand.