You may suppose that buying a ring online is too much hassle, because you have close to zero idea what size your finger is, and even if you did know your size, there’s still a chance the ring might not fit. It’s a valid concern – We’ve had the same one, which is why we sat down with a whisky, curled our moustaches and pondered the easiest and most efficient solution.

Order process

Here are the steps:

  1. One ring. Reasonable price. Enjoy the simplicity, and ease as you purchase your ring online (no retail stores, to keep the price low).
  2. We post you a ring sizing gauge that will measure your finger size.
  3. You let us know your size, and we send your ring in our in-house designed and invented box.
  4. In the event that the ring doesn’t fit, we’ll send you a different size. If necessary, this will be repeated until you get the ring size you need. You will be provided with a self-addressed envelope to send the incorrectly sized ring back to us.

Done. Sit back and chill for bit knowing that you’ve now ticked ‘wedding ring’ off the list. The entire process from purchase, to ring in hand, usually takes about 2 weeks, and you will hopefully only have to visit your letterbox twice.


One ring, one choice .
For those who have better things to do than jewellery shopping.

We've carefully chosen the perfect width, style, metal and finish to look good on any Gentleman's hand.