Buying Mens Rings Online – Risks & Rewards  February 18, 2019

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to the advantages of buying mens rings online from The Gentleman’s Smith. Online shopping isn’t a new thing. You’re probably already well aware of how easy it is for packages to simply arrive at your door with the click of a button, and both the cost savings and ease of doing so. If it is a foreign idea to think about a wedding ring being purchased online to you, then here’s a couple of the risks and rewards to look out for.


Stores are complicated

One of the driving factors behind starting The Gentleman’s Smith is that it is easy to feel uncomfortable and out of depth in a jewellery store. You’re asked all sorts of questions that you don’t know the answers to about style, metal type and width. All you know is that you’re getting married and you need a ring! By buying online through us, we’ve eliminated everything you don’t know about, or want to know about, and just kept the ring. Simple right?



As with any online purchase, there’s risk in that you cannot touch or hold the product, or know the legitimacy of the business selling it. We understand this concern. When you purchase your wedding ring online from The Gentleman’s Smith, we do our best to provide a great service. This is backed up by a number of reviews from previous customers, a comprehensive returns policy for any reason, with fast and helpful customer service. On top of this we’re Australian owned, based, and operated by two couples from Geelong and Melbourne.




Sizing is one of the biggest obstacles with buying mens rings online.  Online websites use multiple methods and something we thought long and hard about when starting this business. We believe we have a really good solution and you can read more about our ordering process here.


The significant sizing advantage that we offer over a traditional jewellery store is our perfect fit guarantee. We guarantee that you’ll end up with a ring that fits properly. A jewellery store will size you properly, however there’s actually no guarantee that the ring they’ll provide you with will in fact fit. If it’s made of tungsten or titanium then it’s bad luck, it can’t be resized. You’re left with a ring that’s a bit off – with no option for you to try an increment larger or smaller. This really brings the risk to zero when buying a mens ring online from us. If you’re not happy with the style, quality, or fit of the ring then we offer a full refund on your purchase.


Online is a No-Brainer

There are things to lookout for when buying anything online, particularly a wedding ring. It pays to have a look around at your options and consider if The Gentleman’s Smith is right for you. We of course think it’s a no-brainer, which is why we started this little business. We hope you agree and like what we’re about. Please contact us about any concerns or queries you may have about buying mens rings online or about any of our policies, processes or our business.

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