Can men’s wedding rings be resized?

If you are wondering what happens if your ring no longer fits and if it can be resized, then read on for your options.

Men’s wedding rings can be resized, but this is dependant on the metal it is made out of. Men’s wedding rings come in all sorts of different metals. In general jewelers can resize softer metals such as silver, gold and platinum. Harder metals such as, Tungsten and Titanium are simply too tough to be resized (don’t worry, we offer a great solution to this). 

Why would I purchase a ring which can’t be resized?

You might be thinking that if a Tungsten or Titanium ring can’t be resized, then there is no point in purchasing one, but we are here to tell you otherwise. Tungsten and Titanium are hard metals. This means they cannot be resized. However the benefit of these metals is that they are much less likely to scratch, bend or break when compared to other common metals, gold and platinum. They also come a much lower price point, you could buy five Tungsten wedding rings for price of one gold one.  

Resizing a silver, gold or platinum ring will require additional expensive metal. As well as labor and overheads cost of the jeweler performing the resize. You should expect to pay around $200-300 for a resize, depending on the metal and the craftsman.

Fun fact: the join where the jeweler has added more metal may become visible when you spend a lot of time in a pool or spa. This discoloration can be removed with a microfiber cloth and some elbow grease.

men's wedding ring resized

The Gentleman’s Smith Resizing Solution

For customers of our Tungsten and Titanium rings, we offer an exchange service. Just pay for shipping and handling and we will send you a replacement ring. Even if it has been years since you ordered with us.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well our customers love our exchange service and you can read our reviews here. 

Interested in finding out more about our products? Check out out Tungsten ring here, and our Titanium ring here.

Our process is simple and means you get a wedding ring that fits you perfectly all through your life.

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