Engraving your ring  December 5, 2019

Personalising a wedding ring by getting it engraved can be a special gift for your loved one. Read on for how to achieve this on your Tungsten or Titanium wedding band.

On receiving your wedding band, try it on and make sure it is the right fit. If it is not right please contact us here. We will organise a replacement ring to be sent out to you which is the perfect fit.

When you know you have the perfect size then you can get your ring engraved.

How can I get my ring?

Due to Tungsten and Titanium being strong metals they cannot be hand engraved. Instead they require a laser engraver. This is a more precise way of engraving and the marking will be clear and readable.

Where can I find someone with laser engraver?

We don’t offer engraving for your ring. You should be able to find a local engraver who uses a laser engraver by searching online.

Make sure to allow enough time from purchase of the ring to the wedding to get this process completed. Our advice is to start thinking about your wedding band at least 6 months prior to the wedding, or when you require it.

If you have any questions about this process, just ask us on Facebook, or via our contact page.


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