How to work out your wedding finger ring size

Find out which men’s wedding ring size you are by following the below steps.  Use our measuring tool* to gain an accurate sizing for a Men’s wedding ring.

1. Form a loop with the sizer, by putting the flat end through the notch on the other end.

mens wedding ring size

2. Place this around the fourth finger on the left hand

measure your finger with our ring sizer

3. Tighten around the base knuckle firmly.

4. Read your size, whilst this is on your finger.


  • Take your measurement multiple times throughout the day, in different circumstances, ie. when you wake up in the morning, after being outside for a while, after exercise or a shower. You will notice that you will have different readings, please take the average of these sizes and send it in to us. Your fingers will change size multiple times throughout the day, often due to temperature changes, or activities. They will swell and then reduce in size. If you only size yourself once, this will lead to an inaccurate reading, and you may find the ring is too big or too small when received.
  • If you notice that the base of your finger is larger than your knuckle, take your measurement there. Ensure that the measurement you take feels comfortable. If you tighten this to firm, the ring will be too small. Wondering how a wedding ring should fit, click here to find out.

  • Please ensure you take the measurement whilst the sizer is on your finger, slipping the ring off will give you a false reading as the sizer will become larger.

Other ways to size your finger

Find a ring which fits and measure the internal diameter – we suggest using calipers. You can then refer to this chart and find out which size you are.
Head into a local jeweler and ask to be sized.
What not to do
Please don’t use a piece of string or paper to measure the circumference of your finger, this usually results in an inaccurate reading.
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

*These are sent out with each new purchase.

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