Ring Safety. Yep, it’s a thing.  November 13, 2018

We hear you. ‘If Tungsten and Titanium are suppose to be so strong, how do i get it off in an emergency’? Fair question. Your old tin snips won’t do it. Ring safety is a valid concern for a lot of our customers. However, hospitals are prepared and have specialised cutters to get rings off. Titanium is cut off, whilst Tungsten cracked off, due to the difference in metal types.

A benefit of Tungsten, is that under extreme force (we are talking way more than any of your average day to day sort of force), it will actually shatter, rather than bend. Titanium on the other hand will bend under pressure similar to gold. Shattering is preferable in terms of safety.

Our ultimate ring safety advice through all of this is, if you work a lot with your hands, or with machinery, please leave your ring at home, in it’s ring box. This way there is no potential for the ring to get in the way if something were to go wrong.

So, whatever ring you choose, remember there is always a way to get it off.

Stay out of harms way and keep Safe. The Gentleman’s Smith Team

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