Here’s why a simple wedding ring design is what you are looking for.  September 28, 2022

Here you are, researching wedding rings, being bombarded with information about styles, metals and sizes. It’s about now that you realize it’s not going to be the simple task you thought it might have been. Probably the most confronting thing you have found is the amount of different styles available to you and all the incredibly different price points. It’s amazing that you have options, but chances are when you sat down to do this task you thought, ‘I just want a wedding ring that looks like a normal wedding ring, surely this will be simple’. Well you have come to the right place to find out why buying a simple wedding ring will be the right choice and be the timeless ring you were looking for.


Simply put, a plain, simple wedding ring made from one metal is the most durable and strongest option available to you. Whilst it might seem to fancy to get an inset diamond, wood inlay, or resin design, the reality is that adding these things to your ring will weaken the overall structure of the ring. Any time that the ring is altered it can create weak points, which can later down the point cause the ring to fracture or break. These inset additions can also fail and become loose over time and fall out. A simple, plain ring made from Tungsten or Titanium will be the most durable option to last a lifetime.


Tungsten and Titanium are the most affordable metals you can choose your ring to be made out of. You will find that you can purchase a wedding band between $150-$300. Any extra addition can increase the cost of the ring significantly, particularly things like diamonds. The risk of damage to your ring is reduced. You won’t need to have it fixed or buy a new one over your lifetime. The minimal maintenance required on a Tungsten or Titanium ring makes it so much more affordable. Other metals like white gold which may require replating multiple times throughout a lifetime.


A wedding band is usually worn for a lifetime so it is important that the design will be timeless. A simple, plain wedding band, is not going to be outdated in 50 years time. It will age well and still look modern. It’s not something you will regret purchasing and never end up wearing. A simple ring will go with any outfit and won’t clash with your current style.

Here at The Gentleman’s Smith we offer one style of ring. We believe we have designed the perfect ring, it is simple, durable and timeless. You can find more information here. Check out our reviews and see why The Gentleman’s Smith could be the perfect fit for you.

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