Titanium vs Tungsten wedding rings  February 6, 2019

A question we often are asked is which ring is better; titanium, or tungsten? Whilst we have eliminated a huge amount of choice by designing our own ring that’ll look good on anyone’s hand. We’ve found our range of customers have preferences for what each of the metals offer. There’s no right or wrong decision when it comes to choosing between the two, however there are some significant differences.

Tungsten Ring


Titanium Ring


















The most obvious difference that you notice upon holding a tungsten and titanium ring is the weight. They lie on two ends of the spectrum; titanium is extremely light weight, whereas tungsten is very heavy – similar to gold. A lot of customers prefer the heavier tungsten due to its significant weight when it is held. They have an appreciation for jewellery that feels solid and heavy. On the other hand it’s not uncommon for customers to tell us they like the feel of the titanium on their finger as it’s as close to weightless as you can get in a ring. It’s easy to forget you are wearing it.



When it comes to jewellery, both tungsten and titanium rings are going to be durable and long lasting. So whilst they’re both very strong metals, they have very different properties in how they are durable and how the will wear in. Titanium is really strong for it’s weight. You might know that it is often used for aircraft applications. It is possible to bend it under enough force, but this really isn’t an issue for a wedding ring. What you will notice with titanium rings is that they will develop light scuffs on them as you wear them. This over time blends into the brushed finish on the ring, and creates its own unique look.

If you’d prefer something a lot more scratch resistant, a tungsten ring may be for you. It is possible to scuff them but it’s not easy to do. Tungsten is an extremely hard metal, which is why it’s used in all sorts of applications in tools. This prevents it from marking. If a tungsten ring has a large amount of force applied to it, it will crack into pieces unlike the titanium ring. So both are really strong and durable and designed to last a lifetime which is why we use these metals and back them with a lifetime gaurantee which you can read about here.



It’s difficult to notice from the above images, but our titanium ring is a slightly thinner profile on the band than our tungsten ring. The edge rim of the tungsten is just a little more rounded that the titanium. With that said, we’ve kept the design of the two very similar and both in a 5.5mm width.



They’re both brushed metal colour, right? Well yes they are – but you’ll notice the tungsten is slightly darker. It is difficult to photograph wedding rings so we try our best to accurately display to our customers what the rings look like. Being such a reflective surface this will somewhat change under different lighting. Have a look at the images above to gain an idea as to the slight differences in shade between titanium and tungsten. One other point worth noting is that as the titanium ring scuffs as you wear it, and rubs against your other fingers which buff it, it can tend to become a slightly lighter shade.



The last point to consider between titanium and tungsten rings is the cost. In the end, both metals do a great job at being a wedding ring, so for some customers it just comes down to saving a few bucks and going with the titanium ring.



In the end though, we have excellent customer support with a really stellar returns policy. What this means is that we’re not done with your order until you’re satisfied with the type of ring, and fit of the ring that you’ve ordered. If you’ve got any other questions about which ring is right for you that’s not addressed in this article, then feel free to contact us.



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