Which ring should I choose?  December 5, 2019

The Gentleman’s Smith offers one style of ring, however we have two different types of material these are made from.

To make it easier to decide between two below are a few points on the differences which should help your decision.


Tungsten                                                               Titanium

        Tungsten Ring

The two pictures above are so you can directly compare the colour of the two. As you can see the Tungsten ring is a darker, almost gun metal grey, and Titanium is much light in colour.

Scratch Resistance:

Of the two rings, Tungsten is by far the strongest and less resistant to scratches. Titanium is more prone to scratches than Tungsten, however will scratch a lot less than a Gold ring. If you are concerned about scratching our recommendation is to go for the Tungsten ring.


Both rings have different characteristics but the Tungsten ring is a much stronger metal than Titanium. Tungsten is stronger and under force will crack rather than bend. Titanium however is a bit softer and under force will bend rather than crack. These are both incredibly strong metals and are designed to stand the test of time.


Tungsten is heavier than Titanium. Tungsten has the weight of which feels like a Gold wedding band. Titanium is extremely lightweight. There are great benefits to most, but generally this is a personal preference.

Who is this ring for?

Our design of this ring was based on the need for a simple and timeless ring. Anyone can wear our ring and we have a large range of sizes available. If you are wondering if females can wear this ring, then the answer is yes and we have had many happy female customers. The ring is not too wide and is simple and understated. Whilst our ring was mainly designed for Men, the style of your ring is all about personal preference, so if you like you can wear it. One thing we do say is that if you are planning on wearing this stacked with another ring (maybe an engagement ring) then be mindful that these are made of a strong metal and if the other metal is softer, it can wear this ring down.

Check out the Tungsten and Titanium ring and decide for yourself.

All the best

The Gentleman’s Smith team

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